Rustic Vintage Rings:

We are not limited to these designs.

These are just a few examples of the many different options available.

You can make it as wide as you like with any inlay or element.

Titanium, silver and molten yellow gold ring:

Titanium base ring with silver inlay and molten yellow gold dripped into the silver to create a unique effect.

Titanium, Brass and Wood Ring:

Titanium base ring with double wood and resin inlay and a laser cut brass plate in the centre.

Titanium and Copper Ring:

Titanium ring with copper inlay centre and silver studs.

Rustic style rings are referred to as rings with a vintage feel with emphasis on natural and unrefined use of elements that create a certain warmth.

Rings are ofter pre-aged to give a "been around for ages" look.

There's a certain retro charm in a custom made rustic ring that you won't find anywhere else.

Steampunk Gear Rings:

Titanium rings with vintage watch parts to create a steampunk themed ring. We use about 3 vintage watches in the process.

Vintage Coin Rings:

Titanium rings with vintage coin side inlay.

Knight Ring:

Either with a titanium or silver base. Based on King Arthurs Shield. Brass cross on a copper background.

Interesting Fact:

Copper and brass is often used in the making of rustic items due to the way it oxidizes over time.

Titanium and Copper ring:

Titanium ring with a tiodized finish giving it a gun metal grey finish and a centre copper inlay. Hammered finished.

Hammered Titanium and Copper:

Titanium base ring with hammered and tiodized sides and a aged copper centre.

Molten Copper Rustic Titanium Ring:

Titanium base ring with hammered and molten copper finished in a dark gun metal grey finish.

2 Titanium Rings Spot Weld Together:

2 Titanium Ring sections spot weld together into a single rustic finished ring.

Rustic Tiodized Line Engraved Textured Ring :

Titanium ring with texturized line engraving and tiodized gun metal grey finish.

Cracked Rustic Copper Ring:

Titanium ring with silver sleeve and cracked hammered copper outer finish.

Matte Dark Grey Rustic Ring:

Titanium Ring With dark gun metal grey sandblast finished and rustic spot weld detailing.

Black Zirconium Ring with Vintage Coin:

Black Zirconium metal ring with vintage "Unity is Strength" Coin.

Treated 3D Printed Titanium Cracked Ring:

3D printed titanium ring, treated and aged, molten yellow gold cracked inlay.

Rose Gold Vintage Knight Ring:

Titanium base ring with aged sides. recessed silver inlay with rose gold knight cross.