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Steampunk Gear Rings:

We are not limited to these designs.

These are just a few examples of the many different options available.

You can make it as wide as you like with any inlay or element.


Steampunk Base Ring:

Titanium base ring with steampunk vintage gear inlay.


Black and Rose Gold Steampunk Ring:

Titanium base ring with rose gold sides and black background.


Steampunk Gear Ring Set:

His and hers matching steampunk gear rings.

Steampunk is a term used to describe an alternate timeline where modern technology that you know today has a gothic makeover. 

Most steampunk designs reflect Victorian Design making use of gears, brass and copper to create a real vintage old school look.


Steampunk Rose Gold Ring :

Titanium ring with rose gold sides and steampunk gear inlay.

steampunk and wood ring using watch part

Steampunk and Wood inlay Titanium Ring:

Titanium ring with double wood inlay and steampunk centre.

Steampunk gear ring with black resin bac

Black Steampunk Gear Ring:

Steampunk gear ring with black resin background.

Interesting Fact:

Some of the parts we use for these unique rings are well over 100 years old.

We use about 3 old vintage watched to manufacture one steampunk ring.


Steampunk Gear Ring with Black Teflon Edges:

Titanium ring with black teflon edges and steampunk gear inlay.

steampunk vintage watch movement ring-co

Steampunk Collection:

A collection of different steampunk gear rings.

Steampunk Gear ring with Vintage Map.jpg

Steampunk Gear Ring with Vintage Map:

We named this one the vintage travelers ring. We print a vintage old map with the watch movements over the lower half of the ring.

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