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Deer Antler Rings:

We are not limited to these designs.

These are just a few examples of the many different options available.

You can make it as wide as you like with any inlay or element.

meteorite-and-antler ring.jpg

Deer Antler Meteorite Ring:

Titanium base ring with double deer antler inlay and centre meteorite. 


Antler and Rose Gold:

Titanium base ring with off centre antler inlay and 1mm rose gold inlay.


Deer Antler Ring:

Plain deer antler and titanium ring. 1mm titanium sides and 6mm antler and resin centre.

Deer Antler Rings are made with a titanium base and Antler Inlay. Additional inlays can be included with the Antler such as wood, rose gold, black teflon etc. 

All Antler Rings come with a protective resin coating. Antler is porous which means it needs to be covered to be protected.

We custom make all our own rings so you as the client can choose the specs.


Double Deer Antler Inlay Ring:

Titanium ring with 2 deer antler inlays and off centre titanium strip..


Titanium, Antler, Rose Gold & Black Resin Ring:

Titanium and antler ring with off centre 1mm rose gold and black resin inlay.


Deer Antler Ring with yellow gold and wood:

Titanium base ring with wood inlay, yellow gold strip and antler inlay finished with a resin coating.

Interesting Fact:

Reindeer Antlers are not taken from the animal. it's the only animal of it's kind that naturally shed their horns.


His and Hers Ring Set:

His and hers engagement ring and deer antler with wood ring set. Additional ladies white gold and diamond engagement ring.


Wood and Double Deer Antler Ring:

Titanium base ring with double deer antler, wood and resin ring.

Deer Antler Ring with wood, turquoise and yellow gold:

Titanium base ring with wood inlay, crushed turquoise gem inlay, yellow gold strip and antler inlay finished with a resin coating.

Titanium ring with meteorite, antler, ro

Deer Antler Ring with rose gold and Meteorite:

Titanium base ring with antler, rose gold strip and meteorite inlay. 


Black Zirconium Ring with Antler and Meteorite:

Black zirconium mens ring with meteorite centre and double antler inlay.


Black Zirconium with Antler and Buffalo Horn inlay:

Black zirconium mens ring with buffalo horn centre and double antler inlay.


Deer Antler Ring with Gold and Wood inlay

Titanium base rings with antler inlays, wood and gold. This is the perfect ring set for couples looking at matching rings. 

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