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How do we make a titanium ring?


The most significant difference between making a Titanium ring and a ring from a precious metal is the hardness of titanium. Titanium cannot be moulded through heat as with gold or silver.

Your titanium ring starts off as a solid bar of titanium and through countless hours of machining takes on the form of a ring. South Africa does not produce refined titanium and it therefore needs to be imported in various forms. Titanium bars are preferred due to its cylindrical shape.

Traditionally a jewellery maker would need to have a certain set of skills in the manufacturing of a ring. As a titanium ring maker you not only need these skills but you need to be an avid machinist as well.

The most predominent machine used in the making of a titanium ring is a high-speed lathe. Due to the fact that a titanium ring is cut from a solid piece of titanium, the ring cannot be resized once made.

Making a wooden inlay titanium ring?



We essentially make the ring in 3 parts. The left side, the centre inlay and the right side of the ring. Once all 3 parts have been machined to absolute perfection, we squeeze the 3 parts togther with high pressure, making sure the ring is secure.

solid titaniun bar used to make a titanium ring

The titanium ring starts off as a solid titanium bar

making a titanium ring

The sides are measured and machined to within a fraction of a mm.

Making the wooden inlay ring

The wood inlay is cut separately and squeezed in between the two titanium halves.

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